Alive Or Just Breathing

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Release Date 1.5.2002
Format CD
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1. Numbered Days
2. Self Revolution
3. Fixation on the Darkness
4. My Last Serenade
5. Life to Lifeless
6. Just Barely Breathing
7. To the Sons of Man
8. Temple from the Within
9. The Element of One
10. Vide Infra
11. Without a Name
12. Rise Inside

RR 25th Anniversary Reissue Bonus Tracks:
1. In The Unblind
2. When The Balance Is Broken
3. Untitled And Unloved
4. Numbered Days (Demo)
5. Transfiguration (Demo - aka Fixation On The Darkness)
6. Just Barely Breathing (demo)
7. Fixation On The Darkness (with Howard Jones)
8. AOJB Studio Out Takes Videos: My Last Serenane Fixation On The Darkness Life To Lifeless (Metalfest 2002)

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